Maksim Grinberg: Where the Money Actually Goes

There has been a lot of speculation surrounding Maksim Grinberg ’s spending and we are here to clear the air. Maksim Grinberg has always been dedicated to giving back to communities and organizations that span across the United States. This passion for philanthropy and humanitarianism has brought Maksim Grinberg to donate time, resources and money to charities and organizations such as various chabads, Congregation Friends of Refugees of Eastern Europe and many more. Giving, from Maksim Grinberg’s perspective, has no bounds, which is why all of those who know Maksim Grinberg on a personal level regard him as a true philanthropist and humanitarian. “Generous is not the word for Maks,” Sarra Urquidez said. “He is an amazing humanitarian and has given back to Native American communities that are close to us. He always asks ‘what can I do to help?’ He has such a beautiful soul and his nature is to help.”
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